Troy Harris serves as chair of the Standards Committee for the University & College Caucus of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM-UCC). The committee adopted the allocation of the plan standards elements at the Category level (what íntegReady calls the Ten Steps to Ready), and then íntegReady further parsed each standard to apply it to its corresponding Topic among the 35 Topics.

Committee members have included:

  • Troy Harris, Chair, Westmont College, Santa Barbara CA
  • Andre LeDuc, University of Oregon, Eugene OR
  • Jeffrey Hescock, University of Massachusetts, Boston MA
  • Frank Bertone, College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas NV
  • Trish McIntosh, College of the Mainland, Houston TX
  • Shelbey Thompson, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga TN

Westmont College and íntegReady are pleased to host and make freely accessible the UCC Crosswalk version of the site, while retaining copyright rights over the Topic distribution of elements, the value added features of the membership site/s, and certain related processes (which are patent pending).

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