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UCC Standards Connection

Troy Harris serves as chair of the Standards Work Group for the Universities & Colleges Caucus of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM-UCC). The work group adopted the allocation of the plan standards elements at the Category level (what ReadyTracker calls the Ten Steps to Ready), and then ReadyTracker further parsed each standard to apply it to its corresponding Topic among the 35 Topics.

Work Group members have included:

Troy Harris, …

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Site Security

Login Access

Your local administrator will be able to add, edit and remove users. The use of strong passwords is highly recommended.

Secured Page Content

Sensitive content can be further restricted by storing it outside the Smartsheet ecosystem, requiring another layer of authentication to become visible (see next item).

High-security Cloud Document Storage

All of your non-html documents (Word, Excel, etc) should be maintained on separate remote servers, enabling multiple authentication layers. Not even the …

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All Sizes & Types of Schools

ReadyTracker can help the smallest school play with the big kids. And it contains ample richness of content to offer meaningful value to the largest schools that already have sophisticated plans in place. It can be used by privates, publics, 2-years, 4-years, grad schools, teaching hospitals, and even K-12 schools. Our users have ranged from an 800 student private graduate institute to a 40,000 student community college.

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The FASTer Process

The Facilitated self-Assessment of our Status on the Topics (expedited review) is guaranteed* to help you celebrate the work already accomplished and clarify your priorities for what’s ahead—whether or not you’re presently a user of the ReadyTracker Emergency Management Simplifiers toolset.


Remote Session (three hours)

Do a quick run (about 4-8 minutes each) thru the 35 Topics, to take a pulse on where you’re at with them now.
Record, on a scale of 0 to 4, …

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