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  • Planning Pays Off video
    • 6-min story of the wildfire that ate our campus
  • Classroom Survival Essentials
    • One-page summary of key action steps, to be included with syllabi
  • Special Needs Provisions
    • Factors to take into account when planning for those with mobility, visual, hearing or language limitations
  • Call Threat Checklist
    • Checklist to have at the desk of those who may field telephone threats
  • Student Death Protocol
    • A list of many things that will require attention in the aftermath of a student’s demise
    • Student Death Family Packet (a set of resources to help the family cope)
  • Presidential Extraction Procedure
    • Steps in case your president needs to be retrieved quickly, or to return home, by private air service
  • Policy Group Functions
    • A grouped list of strategic and policy level considerations for your executive team
  • Feeding Neighbors Policy
    • You may have plans to feed your students/employees after a regional disaster, but have you thought about the implications for your surrounding community?
  • Personal Effects Retrieval
    • Sudden departure from threatened facilities can strand purses, laptops and other items
  • Emergency Org Chart
    • Illustrating how the ICS model can be applied in a higher ed setting
  • Pandemic Plan
    • Many of the factors to address when a communicable disease epidemic looms
      • Primary Team
      • Supplemental Team
  • Form 214 Activity Log
    • The unique feature here is a Closed column to help the on-duty responder readily observe what’s still outstanding, and to easily convey those to their successor on the next shift
  • Pet Evacuation Co-location Program
    • The night of our big fire people showed up at our shelter with dogs, cats, rabbits. Thankfully we had this in place and the animals and owners ended up safe and happy.
      • Pet Check-in Form
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