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  • The 35 Topics by the Ten Steps to Ready©
  • The 35 Topics by preponderance of the standards

This copyrighted assessment of the standards landscape led to an important realization: no single standard currently covers all the topics that should be included in a plan. This is not a defect of the standard; each of them has its own target subject matter and audience. But the matrix underscores that a blended approach will be more comprehensive than reliance on a single standard—even the best of them.

The images above show two views: Topical (the 35 Topics organized by the Ten Steps to Ready©) and Sequenced (organized by the “preponderance” of the standards; that is, those about which the standards have more to say are at the top).

The full text of the standards elements associated with each Topic can be viewed at the UCC Crosswalk.

We have articulated an “Ideal Condition” statement for each of the Ten Steps to Ready and their associated Topics. Click here to see them.