The Facilitated self-Assessment of our Status on the Topics (expedited review) is guaranteed* to help you celebrate the work already accomplished and clarify your priorities for what’s ahead.


  • Session 1 (three hours)
    • Do a quick run (about 4-8 minutes each) thru the 35 Topics, to take a pulse on where you’re at with them now.
    • Record, on a scale of 0 to 4, a) how much has already been done; and b) how easy would it be to knock some them right off the tree (the proverbial low hanging fruit).
    • Summarize the key next step to be taken in this area.
    • Capture insights gained in this conversation and convert them directly into your Workplan.
  • Session 2 (one hour in the following week or so)
    • Having freshly reviewed the whole array of issues, we’ll work with you to massage your Workplan so that you’re confident in the rationale for those at the top of the stack, and ready to move ahead on them.
    • Conduct the Baseline Checker process to confirm your status with respect to Clery and OSHA.

Participants should include the primary person responsible for emergency management plus, if you wish, one or perhaps two others knowledgable about your planning history.


Customer satisfaction is very high. Of participants thus far, it’s Useful rating is 92%, and its Would Recommend rating is 97%. All who use FASTer will get their results summarized into a version of the Work Planner for a preliminary sort, as a starting point for thinking thru where your next effort should be applied.

What we’re seeing is that a bunch of Topics can be resolved immediately or very soon and, once that “noise” is quelled, informed focus can be given to the next things that matter most. To your great relief, the lower priority items can be deliberately parked so they no longer cause floating anxiety.


The retail cost is $1,200, and we guarantee* you will get at least that much value out of the process.

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* – If you do not get what you consider good value, simply say what percent you’re willing to pay (0% to 100%) and we’ll adjust accordingly; no hassles. The results are yours to keep. You will not be billed until after the session.